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The property was built during 1920's by grandparents Maria (born Krasovac) and Pavao Pintar. As they got married they decided to build their own family home. Pavao was a talented carpenter and Marija was in charge of the household, family and the livestock (cows, pigs, chicken, turkes etc).

holiday apartment Pintarska front view
The 'old' Pintarska during 2016 renovation
Pintar home was originally constructed using local wood and craftsmanship. Pavao supported his family by working for the local forestry commission. Being a skilled carpenter he also ran his own workshop making and selling items to order. His equally gifted brother Viktor helped him in the workshop. Viktor was good at making wooden barrels which the community used for storage of food and fluid, i.e. keeping pickled cabbage and/or wine!

During 1937 Pavao spent time in France in order to further develop his forestry and wood craft skills.
holiday apartment Pintarska front view
The 'new' Pintarska
He returned in 1939 at the start of the Second World War. He joined local resistance movement and fought against fascist and nazi occupiers in the area, for which he received a bravery medal. During the Second World War the home was hit by an enemy air strike and burnt down to the ground. This caused the loss of many items, family papers/records, photos as well as live stock which was kept in today's cellar. After the war Pavao started to teach local foresters the chainsaw technique he acquired whilst working in France. This greatly accelerated local wood production and brought more prosperity to the region. Pavao actively supported the formation of National Park Risnjak which opened in 1953 for which he received an achievement award after his death. The home was rebuilt again during 1948-1950 and renovated during 1980's. As the agricultural and farming activities started to decrease it was decided to rent the house to tourists and in 1998 it first opened its door as a holiday rental accommodation. The home was newly improved and refurbished during 2016 and still welcomes many guests which come to visit the beautiful nature, wildlife, lakes, springs and the mountains based here at Pintarska 6, Crni Lug village in National Park Risnjak..

PINTAR originates from the Hungarian surname "Pinter" meaning Barrel Maker. The first Pintar settled here in late 1700s. Crni Lug translates to black forest/woodland.

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